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last month I was so busy that I ended up sleeping in parking lots several times, worked 6.5 hours into double time one day, wrecked my new car, and got another raise. this month? nada.

I like the industry but I have got to find a better company.
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logical comparisons of OpenGL vectors. why am I doing this?
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and let's see if this thing works....
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my parents both remember playing with mercury as children. this explains so much.
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somehow my phone managed to convince itself that a full charge was ~58%. thankfully a reboot fixed that but, I mean, what?

also 4.3 is pretty nice. rather surprising that they bothered to release it for my phone at all, let alone so quickly, given that a) the GS3 is old news and b) T-Mobile phones have historically been near the end of the list, priority-wise. I hope this indicates a new trend, but I won't bet on it.

also I rearranged my desktop for the first time in quite a while. not entirely sure I like it yet, but it's a bit more logical. I think setting my side displays in portrait would work a lot better, but I'm not ready to go that far. I despised that little step that would catch the cursor every time I moved it across display boundaries....
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first I had to change from my Windows "extended desktop" to an "Eyefinity group", which was a bit of mixed bag. creating the group was incredibly simple and worked right off. toggling the option to put the Taskbar on only one screen worked partially: I could shove the Taskbar off to the left as I prefer but the space remained reserved on my other screens, preventing me from sizing windows or placing icons there. not stellar, but potentially livable.

then I had to switch WoW back to DirectX 9 from DirectX 11, which immediately told me I'd be taking a massive performance hit. finally I logged in and discovered that the side displays have a sickening fisheye-type distortion that is apparently intentional and can't be disabled.

never. again.
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I'm beginning to believe that LJ really is obsolete. that makes me sad; I have so many happy memories related to this site.
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when you black out the room and it almost helps and then you get up and stagger over to get some pills and have to stifle the whimpering because the sound hurts and your cat's trying to comfort you but her purring makes it worse and oh god it hurts hurts it hurts
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I don't like Corona del Mar. I don't like Rite Aid. I don't like McDonald's. I do like Victoria's Secret. I loathe Pitney Bowes.
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still not anywhere near full time, but I got a raise (yay!) and am getting sent out solo to sub on an overnight job. no evil daystar on my smoke breaks!

but. solo? I'd never heard of a punchdown tool a month ago, and now they're sending me out to the company we get the vast majority of our contracts from without supervision?

yeah. in retrospect no wonder I've been having trouble sleeping for weeks.

it's kind of crazy just how much I've picked up from, basically, part-time OJT. beginning with a (relatively cordial) hatred of electricians. carpenters are cool, painters are cool, drywallers are cool, but man, sparkies....

no, really

Sep. 11th, 2013 02:20 am
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when refilling a Zippo (or equivalent), you will inevitably get lighter fluid on your fingers. the best solution is to set them on fire.
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7th and Alameda is an interesting place to be working in the middle of the night. installing a security system. in a 24-hour McDonald's.

surprisingly quiet, actually. except when we had to adjust the exterior cameras, when suddenly what felt like a million cars came out of nowhere to go through the drive-through. every. single. time.

and then I got home to discover that my parents have fucked up the rent, again, and our landlord has been making preparations to pursue a court-ordered eviction on Monday. seriously?
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so, apparently somehow I'm now a professional datacom installer? go figure.

also: never enter a McDonald's kitchen during working hours. I'm really struggling now because I like the food, such as it is, but oh god the smells.
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such an irritating phrase, for legacy reasons.
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the idea that I'm accidentally pulling top damage overall and per second with un-enchanted, un-gemmed, and un-reforged gear, some of which is in fact still enchanted, gemmed, and reforged for tanking makes me all giggly.

though not nearly so much as the reality does.
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I just discovered SeaMonkey to be using over 900 MB of memory, with only my normal usage that generally uses around 400 MB. dafuq.
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luac -l -l file.lua | awk "/_ENV/ { print $9 }" | sort -u | sed s/\"//g

only problem is (Busybox?) sed breaks pipes and redirection.
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did a crappy-but-effective job of de-Ace2-ifying DewdropLib. it's functional, and cut the memory usage of my last remaining Ace2 addon by about 60%, and that's about all you can say for it. there are dangling threads and sharp edges all over the place.

other than that I did a much cleaner job of moving simpleMinimap from Ace2 to Ace3. still trying to figure out how I broke the slash commands though.

having discovered a number of commonalities, part of me wants to make MetaHud an Ace3 addon. the rest of me is trying to find a big enough stick to drive the lesson home.
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Jamaican patties are delicious.

I may be getting a motorcycle.

I am theoretically capable of raiding again.

still having trouble with sleep.
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for the past week or so, I've been existing in one of a pair of states. I'm either functional and pissed off, or passed-out-dead. apparently even my reflexes are deadened in that state, which I'm only achieving when I become too exhausted to stay even minimally conscious.

my short-term memory is disappearing into a haze of rage, melancholy, and exhaustion. it's disturbingly restful.


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