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so all I need to do now is cram the transmission up in there, bolt it on, and figure out where all the crap in the pile in the garage came from. fun. gonna do that tomorrow, or today if my uncle comes over.

I’m gonna have my baby back soon!

and sometime soon I’m supposed to help one of my classmates change his oil pan. delightfully simple job that should be, assuming he put some WD-40 on the exhaust pipe bolts.

I have a tentative schedule for Fall put together:
AUTO 91A  Auto Body Repair I
AUTO 97.0 Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
WELD 58A  Gas Metal Arc Welding - Basic
WELD 58B  Gas Metal Arc Welding - Advanced
assuming that WELD 50 (intro to) isn’t a prerequisite. I wanted to take the engine/drivetrain class, but I don’t feel like taking just one class (12 units!).
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okay, I know I kicked ass on my music test. and I’m pretty sure I sucked ass on my PoliSci test. -_-

the folks standing outside the music building trying to get something off the roof using a hula hoop tied to a stick were, um... amusing. in a not‐so‐bright sort of way.
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and also an absolutely shitty student. I’m dropping a couple of classes, because hey! completely forgetting about them for two weeks does not bode well for my possible grades.

good thing I only need 1 credit, eh? maybe; apparently I might have 15 already.

anyway, on to other stuff: I finished my latest book, The Soldiers’ Story: Vietnam in Their Own Words. picked it up on a whim at B&N; definitely one of my better decisions. the transcription/editing is somewhat spotty (e.g. “war in officer” rather than “warrant officer”), but the stories are clear despite that. grammatically, it’s a very easy read; emotionally it is somewhat less easy. highly recommended.

I’ve now moved on to the other book I picked up at the same time, Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts. it so far looks as though it will be an even better read, as it follows an entire battalion for some 4 months rather than a single individual to a company for a few hours or days. deeper, anyway.
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I like Dave. he makes me want to learn more about music.

oh well.
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well, got enrolled and paid for and the books and all that (and I have my parking permit, this time). retaking English 101 (well, 101.0, but there’s no reason for the .0 part) and BET 107 (I only need the B and C parts, but they don’t offer those alone); adding Political Science 102, Music 101, and I wanted to toss in Biology 100, but there weren’t any openings in that one.

just as well, I suppose. my head’s probably going to explode anyway.
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the hard part about being a full‐time student is figuring out the scheduling. hopefully the sections I picked aren’t full yet.


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