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so yeah, as I mentioned, my waiver got approved. this afternoon, I raised my right hand and was sworn in as a DEPper. I ship January 17th. on Friday I go in for PT, to get my “Welcome Aboard” packet, and to get my job selections in.

and GySgt Griffin down at MEPS thinks I can still qualify for Recon, even with my eyes, and said that if I can get him a transcript that includes this semester’s grades, he’ll try and get me bumped up to PFC.

also, the last time I slept more than 10 minutes at a time was Saturday night. I got none Sunday night, and veryvery little Monday night. and then they kept holding me up. remember how I said “this afternoon”? I was supposed to be sworn in at the 1100 ceremony, but they didn’t have an 1100 ceremony. and if the SPC at the medical desk hadn’t just forgotten about me, I would have been up for the 1000 oath. the end result being that, by the time they let me go do my own thing, lunch was long gone.

and then I come home and there’s no food. what.the.fuck, people? I just wanna eat and then die for a day!

my roommate was pretty cool this time though. going in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, just waiting to ship. he’ planning on getting Marine service, or as he put it, being a “meat shield” for Marines.


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