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they were right: SV is retardedly easy. especially once you get 2p T13.

at that point Mastery > Haste and the rotation for LnL procs becomes ES-Ar-ES-(Focus>60?Ar:CS)-ES rather than ES-CS-ES-CS-ES.

I'm pulling 60k and I barely even know what I'm doing!
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closing out the second month of the expansion and they're talking about putting together another 25-man raid group, in addition to the current 25-man and 10-man. it's crazy shit. seriously, we have like 60-70 people on most Tuesdays; closer to 100 if you count the people who just come on to check on the raid.

and we're not the top-ranked progression guild on the server. personally, I think that's largely due to sticking with the comfortable and familiar group 1 raiders from WotLK rather than, as they claimed they were going to do, taking a number of other applicants every week and then keeping the best.

there are two DPS warriors in that group, and I'm doing more DPS now with worse gear than they had the one time I got to run with them (and that only because one of the tanks didn't show). on Magmaw I'm averaging 12k DPS while keeping up Sunder and Demo Shout and using Shattering Throw. might hit 14k this week with my new trinket.


Dec. 2nd, 2010 04:20 pm
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in the context of WoW, at least:

table.element is faster than table["element"]
local references to individual elements is faster than localizing a global table, that is:
local ref = _G.table.element
-- use ref

is faster than
local table = _G.table
-- use table.element
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tonight was a good night.

pugged up for H Nex and did so well (I even almost hit 2300 dps) that we ended up running VH, AN, and OK as well. died twice in the whole series, once because I stopped paying attention and once because, well, I've never been in AN before.

this all in less than half the time I spent trying to clean OK Tuesday night. that was a shitty party.

also I got my first taste of Naxx10 and I liked it.

I need to start running more 25-man raids for emblems, or I'll never get my wrists.


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