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I probably shouldn't be so cavalier about opening, modifying, and generally fucking with emissions-control devices. probably.
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I should blow away my other computer and put Linux back on it. once I get it back on the network, anyway. I miss doing silly things like loading up X and then turning around and using Links (in an xterm) instead of Mozilla.

one day, I will have three computers at my desk: Windows, Linux, and a Mac. and if I don’t get my ass in gear, they’ll all be x86....

so yeah

Nov. 19th, 2004 04:14 am
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today (for my given value of “day”) was like early Giftmas or something. um, thanks guys! *^_^*

I actually managed to offend my father a few days ago, when I mentioned “Giftmas” to him. I dunno what his problem was—he’s made similar comments on the common view of the day/season. that and, since I can recall, he’s been an “agnostic”, an “atheist”, a “wiccan”, right now he’s a “druid”...

an’ I needa pee before my bladder goes *pop!* and it gets all over my chair. and then I need sleep. bwah. I wish I didn’t need sleep: it would make life soooo much easier. but I’d still like to be able to sleep, ’cause sometimes it’s fun. ^_^

aaaand I think it’s backing up and affecting my brain. I keep catching myself trying to write like a young teenage girl. >_<

note to self: add a delay and a limit on the retry loop!


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