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I'm being spammed by Twitter.

in Korean.

what. the. fuck.
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after 10 months. I can barely contain my excitement. it's finally happening. on Monday.

Verizon finally gets off their dead asses and hooks us up with real internet.
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I swear, my kidneys are going to shut down long before I have to worry about my liver.

I probably ought to drink more. probably.


Apr. 22nd, 2013 12:32 am
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what. the. fuck?
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why do I always seem to find myself in the company of sexually-frustrated women? who seem to have fixated on me as their solution? and who tend to either be in relationships with or related to my friends (and also in relationships)?
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yeah. 39 MPH sounds a lot more accurate than the 19 MPH it was claiming earlier.

for some reason high winds often produce an odd combination of unreal-seeming clarity and short visibility. the back of my mind is circling around the explanation, but meh.
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I suppose it helps if I remember to tell it which auth_method I'm using....

and what is with that cheese sandwich, anyway?
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peeves: using window size rather than viewport size for layout. monospaced fonts with soft- or un-wrapped lines. soft-wrapped code lines. elements with overflow:scroll that don't respond to the scroll wheel. elements with overflow:scroll that are larger than the viewport.
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because elliptical speech is comforting. distracting.
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not sure why so many people seem to believe that simply having waist-length hair constitutes a general invitation to yank on it....
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M81 utility coat in new condition. for $5. I almost feel bad about it.

lost an ally in a silly game because I didn't log in for 2 days. I do feel bad about it even though I know I shouldn't!
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probably the worst part of brakes is the dust. I don't really care about the ZOMG CANCER! thing though. I just hate cleaning the black crap out of my nose (and sometimes ears) for days afterward.

apparently working in/near old, badly-stored cars has the same issues. bleh.

though at least it comes out of skin easily. unlike, say, ancient wheel bearing grease....


well. catching a finger when a brake drum decides you've finally found exactly the angle it requires and slams home is up there too, but that's generally avoidable.
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wow. I broke a couple of core functions when I rearranged things 8y5m ago and nobody noticed.

I guess that really shows who's using it.


Mar. 21st, 2013 06:10 pm
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this girl at the bank always asks me, without fail, no matter what time or day I show up, whether I'm doing anything interesting tonight. and I always think do I really look like I do anything interesting? ever? (though apparently the answer is yes BUT ANYWAY).

and this clearly isn't adding up to a big fucking hint or anything, right? right.

she is pretty cute though.
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so apparently T-Mobile's DNS servers have somehow managed to lose track of google.com.

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I'm getting very sick of these ~5 MB patches every single day.
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there's a reason I never read my old posts. sometimes I forget that reason. but it comes back quickly.

kinda gets in the way of my desire to actually tag everything though.

oh hell, there's no local tag DB in this.
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current entertainments: Fantasica, Super Mario 64, re-reading what I've uncovered of my surviving library, hacking (in the most pejorative sense) at LJ.NET again. not so much WoW lately; it's not as entertaining when I can't raid.

this is interesting, though rather old.

getting the weirdest behavior from the single-line TextBoxes. oh right, I was going to work on getting userpic previews in the dropdown list....
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I'm certain that there's a more elegant method than to assign the only instance of a class as a static member of itself for later reference in the absence of a global scope, but I'll be damned if I'll look it up now. too busy being happy about finally getting a working separation between the (instanceable) data and the (static) functional crap.

and in another couple of hours I might actually have enough of the drivers downloaded to install my new motherboard for which the RAM finally arrived yesterday. holy fuck ASUS wants to install a lot of crap.
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turns out that VNC to a cell phone over WiFi through a cellular modem is, ah ... less than optimal. go figure.


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