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a quick quiz. )

the available options were a little too, uh... polarized? something like that: too much of the perfect/asshole dichotomy, not much of a range.

why is it harder to get plug wires for a ’92 Corolla than for an ’88 Grand Marquis? seriously, AutoZone was just out: one store didn’t have the wires, the other store told me that they had nothing for that model year, and that the nearest store with my wires was in San Bernardino.

on the other hand, she then called up the Kragen nearby and asked them to hold their last set for me. service above and beyond, there. ^_^

and while I’m on the subject, I really, really want to gut the people who owned/serviced my car before I got it. I mean, c’mon, if you’re going to put platinum plugs in a car, make sure they’re tightened down properly and aren’t leaking shit out of the combustion chambers! is that really so hard? and it has little benefits like preventing the plug wire boots from getting soaked in a gasoline/oil mixture which totally dries them out and destroys them.

the more I learn about this car, the more shocked I am that it runs so damned sweetly. all of the available evidence points to the CV boot we just changed being on the original, factory‐installed shaft. still otherwise perfect with almost 146,000 miles on the odometer. just utterly shocked.


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