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Aug. 6th, 2009 07:18 pm
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so apparently I hadn't broken this as badly as I thought I had. go figure.

backend cleanup really sucks. I'm embarassed that I thought this crap was actually good.
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okay, I have got to add tag support to LJ.NET. seriously.

LJ.NET crap

Dec. 8th, 2004 06:16 am
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ah, experiments in asynchronous (i.e. queued) connections. hopefully the combination of a System.Collections.Queue object and inheritence from the System.Windows.Forms.Timer class will negate the need to thread this shit.

it’s really amazing, the things games can inspire. somehow, playing UO gave me the idea for this approach. ^^;
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the only way I can think of to fix LJ.NET is to switch to asynchronous server calls, which would require a fair overhaul of a lot of code. certain actions would have to be broken out into seperate functions which could then be run in a seperate thread. some functions would need to be merged, split, twisted...

it’s not really robust code. and I have to take a lot of blame for that, since I’ve been adding to the problem instead of doing it the Right Way.

and then, of course, I need to deal with the headache of thread‑safety. >_<

this is gonna huuuuurt... but at least the next person to maintain it should have better code to maintain. although I’m beginning to question why that’s so important to me.

so yeah

Nov. 19th, 2004 04:14 am
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today (for my given value of “day”) was like early Giftmas or something. um, thanks guys! *^_^*

I actually managed to offend my father a few days ago, when I mentioned “Giftmas” to him. I dunno what his problem was—he’s made similar comments on the common view of the day/season. that and, since I can recall, he’s been an “agnostic”, an “atheist”, a “wiccan”, right now he’s a “druid”...

an’ I needa pee before my bladder goes *pop!* and it gets all over my chair. and then I need sleep. bwah. I wish I didn’t need sleep: it would make life soooo much easier. but I’d still like to be able to sleep, ’cause sometimes it’s fun. ^_^

aaaand I think it’s backing up and affecting my brain. I keep catching myself trying to write like a young teenage girl. >_<

note to self: add a delay and a limit on the retry loop!
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need to set up timeouts on LJ connections. asynchronous connects would be good, too.
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I think part of my current problem with LJ.NET is that I forgot that VB passed arguments by reference by default. time for a stricter comparison, it seems. but I’ve tweaked a few things in other areas, and they seem to work properly. still trying to figure out the best way to disable the Login button unless the username and password fields are both filled out.
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no more exceptions, no more infinite loops—and it still doesn’t work! just returns a bloody empty string no matter what I feed it.

think I need to tweak the tab orders a bit, too.
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Anyone know of a GPL‑compatible, Unicode‑compatible RTF‑to‑HTML library? Preferably one that does HTML‑to‑RTF as well, but I’m not that picky. ^^;

LJ.NET’s RTF stuff is pretty anemic, and if someone’s already done the work I’d just as soon not duplicate it.
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Sso anyway, I got a decent start on multiple logins going. It is not ready for general use yet, so I’m only releasing the source tonight.

Things that need work:

  • Almost anything remotely connected to a LiveJournal.DefaultConn reference:
    • I think the “Community” menu should either be replaced with a menu for each account, or contain a sub‑menu for each account.
    • Need to move the “Friends” tab out of the Options dialog and into its own, per‑account.
    • Add UI to select the active account in PostForm
      • Possibly multiple accounts, for cross‑posting to multiple servers?
      • UI to select default account, rather than first account logged on.
  • Multiple accounts with the same name collide in the Hashtable I’m using to store the connection objects.
  • Need to populate the ComboBox on the Logon form with all the stored accounts.
  • Unrelated, but I think we should have UI access to LiveJournal.SessionExpire( true ) (expires all sessions for all accounts, overload LiveJournal.SessionExpire( string conn, true ) expires all session for connection/account conn).

Anyway, I figure getting this working would justify a version bump to 0.10, eh?
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I gots a promotion. :3 now I need to figure out how to use CVS without breaking things, and I’ll throw out an official release of LJ.NET. (I wish SourceForge had Subversion.)

well, maybe after I finish this music detection stuff.

(“Mexican BIRRIA Flavor” Cup Noodles are good. ^_^)
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on further investigation, there doesn’t seem to be much point in adding the overhead of an XML-RPC library to LJ.NET. maybe if there were something that wasn’t available otherwise, but the flat interface backend is a (complete) translation layer on top of the XML-RPC backend.

gonna write up another new class that’ll actually do something soon. I really don’t like how the current code allows multiple simultaneous connections to the same server, which LiveJournal officially Doesn’t Like™. since this can lead to an IP ban, well... it should be altered, I think.
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Okay, new build again. Nothing really new this time, just a couple of fixes—NullReferenceExceptions are bad.

Oh, and I ripped the source out of the installer since a) it’s distributed alongside, and b) it wasn’t really buildable anyway.

[installer, source]

new build

Sep. 23rd, 2004 10:36 am
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  • Re‑added some strings that got dropped in the localization change(s).
  • tweaked the RTF‑to‑HTML conversion quite a bit (and hopefully fixed a few things).
  • Figured out the behavior of sessionexpire in the flat interface, so now the session cookie gets expired on logout/exit.
  • Removed a great deal of null‑handling code by removing the nulls. No functions return null, and no variables are initialized to null. Also, null comparisons were replaced wherever possible with e.g. Hashtable.ContainsKey( key ).
  • Added detection for Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0 and Winamp 3.
Installer available here. [source]
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it’s amazing, the number of cases you can eliminate by using return new Class(); instead of return null; with checks on the other end.
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what’s the point in writing if( ht[key] != null )? (ht being a Hashtable.) you should be using if( ht.ContainsKey( key ) )!

blargle. monkeys, I tell ya; monkeys. I’m doing a mass purge of nulls in the code: most of them indicate a frightening ignorance—of both the language and the Framework.
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hey, [ profile] kelston, check this one out, wouldja? make a post, send me the file debug.txt off your desktop, and then go back to the last version. this one dumps some stuff to that file every time you post—most inconvenient for normal use.
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next “probably a good idea” clean‑up: changing all the int.Parse( object.ToString() )s to Convert.ToInt32( object ), and similar conversions. likewise, changing all the C‑style (type)object to Convert.ToType( object ).

I’m actually slurring my speech. I think that means I should go to bed.
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ah. and figuring out how to use sessionexpire in the flat interface would be good, too.
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there are resource strings in LJ.NET that are present in the Russian resource files, but not in the main (English) files. and not just simple things, either:
Поверьте онлайн записи, и удалите все записи из кросспост списка которые были успешно отправлены, избегайте двойного отправления записей.
this wouldn’t be so bad,but—error messages? if the resource string ain’t there, you get an error dialog with abosolutely no text in it. not even a caption.

my right eye’s clouding up. shit.

got a start on pulling LJ.NET apart into different, well, classes of classes. account session classes and the like being separate from communication and form classes. need to do (quite) a bit of poking to see what I need to change to be able to pass around an account token rather than a single set of semi‑global variables, then figure out how to change the forms to handle multiple accounts, then figure out the login form. the last one looks like the hard part, really.


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