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need to start commenting—and documenting!—my code properly. at least I’ve developed the habit of writing understandable code. at least to me. unlike my notes. ¬_¬
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y’know, it’s really too bad I can’t set Windows up with something like this. )
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it’s amazing, the number of cases you can eliminate by using return new Class(); instead of return null; with checks on the other end.
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what’s the point in writing if( ht[key] != null )? (ht being a Hashtable.) you should be using if( ht.ContainsKey( key ) )!

blargle. monkeys, I tell ya; monkeys. I’m doing a mass purge of nulls in the code: most of them indicate a frightening ignorance—of both the language and the Framework.
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next “probably a good idea” clean‑up: changing all the int.Parse( object.ToString() )s to Convert.ToInt32( object ), and similar conversions. likewise, changing all the C‑style (type)object to Convert.ToType( object ).

I’m actually slurring my speech. I think that means I should go to bed.
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my latest experiments with LJ.NET [source] appear to be functional, but I can’t be sure. would anyone care to play with it a bit, see if you can make it break?

there’s nothing really drastic in the code—some borrowings from [livejournal.com profile] talisker added to my previous modifications—but I played with the installer a bit, and I’m not sure what effect that will have on systems other than mine (where it has none whatsoever, aside from a relatively large reduction in size).

[ETA: more cleanup and small tweakage. binary and source.]

[ETA2: fixed a tiny but rather unpleasant bug in the last set of files: LiveJournal.PostUpdate() was completely ignoring the journal param. tossing the following block in fixes the problem nicely:
if( !journal.Equals( "<default>" ) )
	body += "usejournal=" + journal + "&";
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got Gaim to render struckout text, though I’m still having trouble with insertion of it. I thought I got the C-s hotkey in there right, but I guess I didn’t. oh well.


*pokes Gaim*

okay, so why is insertion working now? o_O

eh, now to diff it and gimmick up patches for 0.81 and CVS.


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